Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Renaissance dental

Way to reach Renaissance dental fire is by talking about reaching fire and I get it I get why that is the impression that a lot of people have but when I said to that reporter and what I’ll say to anybody else .

Renaissance dental

Who asks that question is no the reason why you see that is sampling bias the reason why you only see people who have blogs and podcasts and YouTube channels is because everybody .

Else who reaches fire are doing interesting things like raising their kids or rock climbing in Thailand or surfing in Hawaii they’re not sitting in front of

A computer uploading videos to YouTube and that’s why we don’t hear their stories is because they’re not the ones who are documenting their stories so sampling bias .

Would lead you to believe that the only people who are doing it are the ones who are public about it but that would be as silly as assuming that the only people .

Who are vegan are the ones with vegan blogs or the only people who are paleo are the ones with paleo Instagram accounts we know intuitively that you can be vegan or paleo.

Without having to have an Instagram account about it but for some reason that idea hasn’t transferred or translated into people’s understanding of the fire community and so.

I just want to say thank you so much for calling in and sharing your story because I love hearing from people who are not loggers and again congratulations on all your progress.

congratulations on being percent towards fire that is fantastic and anybody else who has a success story that they’d like to share or a journey story that they’d like to share.