news about dental help in usa

what’s dental help printed if you look it up online that’s just a concept draft but there we we saw a draft of what they their intent for the bill was and they wanted to also do.

dental help

a comprehensive dental benefit but they wanted to do it within a managed care carve out so to talk a little bit about the benefit specifically you know ours is pretty straightforward you need to create this comprehensive benefit we did not dictate how it should be implemented Maine is one of the

few states that doesn’t have managed care in our Medicaid program maybe the only state that doesn’t have any managed care and we mean equal justice have been leery of managed care for a really long time for a lot of

different reasons but early in this legislative session the folks at Delta Dental came to us and said like we want to talk with you and we want to talk with your partners about why we think a managed care carve-out

might be the way to go and so we had several very candid meetings with a group of us from a couple of different oral health coalition’s one just main oral health and one focused on children with dentists with other healthcare

partners who do a lot of advocacy for low-income people with the FQHCs talking about like what Delta Dental wanted to do and they wanted to do it with dental quest and and also us talking about what we wanted and what

was important to us and some of the things that were really like bottom lines for us is that we recognize that people had a lot of pent-up need we didn’t want to do anything that would hinder their access to the care that they need we thought it was really important to at least come into