humana dental

humana dental don’t know and how do people hear humana dental about you that you even have it they just google it well laser dentistry or laser dentistry Google an app we’ve done seminars

we’ve brought in speakers I’ve done lectures on it and we try to expose people as much as possible that’s one reason for doing those interview is to give people educated because people don’t know

they just don’t know so if you don’t want to lose your teeth and you’ve been told you have gum disease you better do something about it correct Elena sooner the better the sooner

the better is that right and what were the age ranges of people that are doing this I think you’ve done it on I should say I’m well actually s a year old why would

a year old we want to do this they want to say big deep deep they want to save them to today is giving people what they want and that’s the ability to smile and chew and so if .

you have these symptoms like the bleeding gums a bad breath the puffy red gums especially early stages you got to get in there and do this you got to get in there it’s a lot less expensive yeah get them at

the flossing stage where I’m sure it is yes a lot less expensive is a lot less time and that’s what we’re a long period of time initially it’s a lot less time but visits that you have to do afterwards is

a lot less also okay so people watching this know okay they’re currently scheduled for what are they caught pareo surgery like what’s the lingo that the patient’s call it like

I’m going next week to get at our office no yes a period surgery or so they know their pocket reduction or okay gum surgery so they should look for a doctor then that has the laser correct correct let me know it’s an option and you got to go to someone