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Tonight it’s got us with Tooth pain Griffin Elsie and Williams gonna take a look spend the majority of the time on the health plan renewal for the employee health plan for  and so just some .

Health Plan history as I like to give you guys on an annual basis .

current carrier is Blue Cross and Blue Shiel dour current loss ratio October st

Through  through April th was about eighty one point four percent sowe had about almost million in claim sand that that Blue Cross has paid we paid about .

Million in premium toBlue Cross I didn’t have the mainnumbers in here we just got the main numbers and looks like we went up alittle bit our our loss ratio in May was .

About a  percent loss ratio so we’recloser to about an percent loss ratiothrough May claims last year we finishedat a seventy three point six percentloss ratio .

We did get a rate pass forlast year total paid claims of aboutfour point seven million versus paidpremium of six point for the desiredloss ratio typically is about eightyeight percent for .

The carrier theinitial renewal you know came out atabout eight point nine percent weoriginally negotiated it down to fourpoint nine and then they came down againto four point four percent .

the Aprilloss ratio is  percent May was percent so I definitely wanted to getthe renewal in front of you as theclaims were trending a little higher sowe wanted to kind of secure the renewaland.

that’s why we’re here today if youlook I know this is kind of small butwhat I wanted to show you was kind ofthe history