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ameritas dental know about any or if you did it um maybe you get started I mean you have a big following in the fire community.

I just wanted to know this is Nick I listen to your podcast every time one comes out

thanks for all you do for the community Nick thank you so much for listening every week I really appreciate that that’s so funny that you bring up the fire documentary on Netflix so if speaking of

the fire festival and so fire festival meaning FY re festival the infamous music festival that never was so a few weeks ago I was in Austin and I got invited to an entrepreneur dinner so

I go to this restaurant they’d rented out this private room at the back of this restaurant I walk in it’s a room of people I’ve never met before and I sit down at the table and I introduce myself and

I say I’m a podcaster and I cover the fire movement and everybody just looks at me there people go silent for a second and then somebody says wait you were part of the fire festival different fire festival different fire a fire with an I so yeah

I think that’s hilarious the word fire is now especially fire festival is now dominating people’s thoughts in a way that is definitely not related to the fire community we are fire

with an eye rather than fire with a why so Nick to answer your question there are a handful of events that happen throughout the year one event is called the Chautauqua and

there are actually two separate Chautauqua’s there’s the Chautauqua that takes place in Ecuador and there’s the Chautauqua that takes place in Europe they are organized by two separate groups or two separate companies the one in Europe is organized by Al Collins he was a