Cost off dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period Medicare program is not free nor is it comprehensive and so some major things are left out of the.

Medicare program most notably in this instance dental but also vision and hearing.

Which it dimension and long-term services and support so it is not a comprehensive program and there are some pretty major benefits missing for older adults as .

I noted here there’s no dental coverage except some really small minor exceptions that are linked to some chronic diseases next slide so it isn’t it’s pretty critical to add a digital benefit to Medicare Melissa mentioned how

Dental care is integral to our overall health and that’s particularly true for older adults who are more likely to have chronic conditions so you have diabetes and heart disease you’re more likely to get aspiration pneumonia in.

A nursing home if you have untreated gum disease and a high risk for infection so a lot of reasons why getting and having access to oral health is important for older adults yet we know that percent of Medicare

Beneficiaries have no dental coverage that means that million individuals in the United States do not have coverage as older adults and as a result nearly .

Did not visit a dentist in last year and there are incredible disparities based on race and income and disability that I have listed here just for an example individuals who have income below , are % what those income

Levels are not they don’t have health insurance versus art did not have a dental visit in the last year versus those versus percent that have incomes up to , so.

We’re seeing huge disparities and a Medicare benefit could really help to even the playing field here in that everybody who has Medicare coverage would have .