Way to reach Renaissance dental fire is by talking about reaching fire and I get it I get why that is the impression that a lot of people have but when I said to that reporter and what I’ll say to anybody else .

Renaissance dental

Who asks that question is no the reason why you see that is sampling bias the reason why you only see people who have blogs and podcasts and YouTube channels is because everybody .

Else who reaches fire are doing interesting things like raising their kids or rock climbing in Thailand or surfing in Hawaii they’re not sitting in front of

A computer uploading videos to YouTube and that’s why we don’t hear their stories is because they’re not the ones who are documenting their stories so sampling bias .

Would lead you to believe that the only people who are doing it are the ones who are public about it but that would be as silly as assuming that the only people .

Who are vegan are the ones with vegan blogs or the only people who are paleo are the ones with paleo Instagram accounts we know intuitively that you can be vegan or paleo.

Without having to have an Instagram account about it but for some reason that idea hasn’t transferred or translated into people’s understanding of the fire community and so.

I just want to say thank you so much for calling in and sharing your story because I love hearing from people who are not loggers and again congratulations on all your progress.

congratulations on being percent towards fire that is fantastic and anybody else who has a success story that they’d like to share or a journey story that they’d like to share.

ameritas dental know about any or if you did it um maybe you get started I mean you have a big following in the fire community.

I just wanted to know this is Nick I listen to your podcast every time one comes out

thanks for all you do for the community Nick thank you so much for listening every week I really appreciate that that’s so funny that you bring up the fire documentary on Netflix so if speaking of

the fire festival and so fire festival meaning FY re festival the infamous music festival that never was so a few weeks ago I was in Austin and I got invited to an entrepreneur dinner so

I go to this restaurant they’d rented out this private room at the back of this restaurant I walk in it’s a room of people I’ve never met before and I sit down at the table and I introduce myself and

I say I’m a podcaster and I cover the fire movement and everybody just looks at me there people go silent for a second and then somebody says wait you were part of the fire festival different fire festival different fire a fire with an I so yeah

I think that’s hilarious the word fire is now especially fire festival is now dominating people’s thoughts in a way that is definitely not related to the fire community we are fire

with an eye rather than fire with a why so Nick to answer your question there are a handful of events that happen throughout the year one event is called the Chautauqua and

there are actually two separate Chautauqua’s there’s the Chautauqua that takes place in Ecuador and there’s the Chautauqua that takes place in Europe they are organized by two separate groups or two separate companies the one in Europe is organized by Al Collins he was a

humana dental don’t know and how do people hear humana dental about you that you even have it they just google it well laser dentistry or laser dentistry Google an app we’ve done seminars

we’ve brought in speakers I’ve done lectures on it and we try to expose people as much as possible that’s one reason for doing those interview is to give people educated because people don’t know

they just don’t know so if you don’t want to lose your teeth and you’ve been told you have gum disease you better do something about it correct Elena sooner the better the sooner

the better is that right and what were the age ranges of people that are doing this I think you’ve done it on I should say I’m well actually s a year old why would

a year old we want to do this they want to say big deep deep they want to save them to today is giving people what they want and that’s the ability to smile and chew and so if .

you have these symptoms like the bleeding gums a bad breath the puffy red gums especially early stages you got to get in there and do this you got to get in there it’s a lot less expensive yeah get them at

the flossing stage where I’m sure it is yes a lot less expensive is a lot less time and that’s what we’re a long period of time initially it’s a lot less time but visits that you have to do afterwards is

a lot less also okay so people watching this know okay they’re currently scheduled for what are they caught pareo surgery like what’s the lingo that the patient’s call it like

I’m going next week to get at our office no yes a period surgery or so they know their pocket reduction or okay gum surgery so they should look for a doctor then that has the laser correct correct let me know it’s an option and you got to go to someone

my yeah what I thought was you can go dental insurance to any computer and every screen look the same but when I switch to this this has really helped especially

with new users and needles off because you just you click to where you need something and it makes sense so I am I used to tease that this was as simple as

a McDonald’s cash register I mean you know you click all the things you want you want to take an x-ray you click there you want to take a natural photo you click there it used to be

that simplistic but you know as we’ve gotten better and better with utilizing the software people tend to work from the schedule which is fine but you won’t be able to see.

these kinds of things in the on the schedule right cool so from here let’s take a dig dive into the chart now this is the way I always work when I’m in an operatory so I’ve got

my eye my Intel occurs here I’ve got my chart in here and then did you notice what I’ve got down here so I had a question this morning in the Eagle South field guide about

what happens when a predetermination comes back well you you could write it down on something you could put a post-it someplace you know it you know somebody’.

s suggestion was to put it on a route sheet well I’ve got it right there so if I clicked on number four well there’s the predetermination right there I’m gonna open it full size I’ve got my predetermination right there so why would

I need to have it on paper when I’ve got it right here in my system attached to the tooth and I automatically know that the Creedy is back so what do you recommend putting in there pre

How about like letters from specialists or what are your guidelines of what should be done that way so here’s a good example so here’s number four number.

three there’s a crown with a custom abutment and a implant that was referred out well good question did the person ever